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2016 Publications

Oni T, Smit W, Matzopoulos R, Hunter Adams J, Pentecost M, Rother H, Albertyn Z, Behroozi F, Alaba O, Kaba M, van der Westhuizen C, Shung King M, Levitt NS, Parnell S,  Lambert EV, RICHE members. Urban Health Research in Africa: Themes and Priority Research Questions. Journal of Urban Health, 2016, 1-9.         

Ulijaszek S, Pentecost M, Karpe F, Wardle J, Frubeck G, Nowicka P. Inequality and childhood overweight and obesity: a commentary. Paediatric obesity,  doi:10.1111/ijpo.12128.

Pentecost M. Conference report: Revisiting the Margins - towards a praxis for critical global health. Medicine Anthropology Theory. Available at

Pentecost M. Introduction: The First Thousand Days of Life. Somatosphere  series: The First Thousand Days of Life. Available at: